About Us - Cylanda - The Leader In Cybersecurity Compliance and IT Infrastructure Management

Why not protect your business?

Cyber criminals, data loss, productivity drains and reputation damage are all real threats to your business. Let us help.

We make businesses better

Since 2007, Cylanda has met the office technology needs of hundreds of companies in a variety of industries. Our specialty however is in supporting the professional services and construction related industries.

We provide managed IT services with proactive monitoring and support that reduces hi-tech confusion, backup and recovery plans to ensure your critical business data is always available, robust telecom solutions with productivity-enhancing features and comprehensive cyber-security services that keep your company protected.


What will managed services mean for you?
  •  Increased technology ROI
  •  Enhanced employee productivity
  •  Reduced IT investment and expenses
  •  Safe and secure company and client data
  •  Fully-integrated, streamlined software applications

Our team is available to assist by phone, email, text message, live chat and in person. 

What will managed services help you eliminate?
  • Data loss and business interrupting events (BIEs)
  • Unexpected equipment failures
  • Network outages and down time
  •  Desktop, laptop and mobile device issues
  • Out-of-date, bug filled software problems.
  • All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled agents. All of them are being trained according to the latest technologies.
What are the real costs of downtime events?
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost productivity
  • Lost opportunities
  • Damaged reputation
  • Damaged equipment

Our services and prices are tailored for based on the size and needs of the organization. Typically our fees are a fraction of the cost of recovering from a business interrupting event (BIE).

Why not operate a business without compliance?
  • Fines 
  • Blacklisting – Federal, State, vendors (eg. insurance, financial institutions, etc.) 
  • Reputation damage
  • Subject to awarded bids being contested
  • Leaves business open for criminals, data theft and client confidence depreciation (CCD).

As security integrators, we can help .


Cylanda has become a well-known and respected company with a staff of professionals. The company is unique in that they are security integrators. With each client they learn about their business first, then find the right fit of solutions that in the clients’ best interest. This methodical approach of research and analysis has resulted in new ideas and methods with over the years have successfully been honed to solve real business challenges.

Let us help you and your company orient yourself in a complex and ever change business world that depends on technology to succeed.

We work closely with engineering, architecture, construction and professional services firms that value investments in technology and often have compliance needs.

We support, assist and secure many professional services companies and firms such as accounting, financial management, research firms, engineering, architecture, real estate, plumbing and retail. Our services and expertise help to ensure their success.

Our expertise and services help solve business challenges and  find new directions. We work closely with wholesale food and food related distributors to help avoid crisis situations, in turn maximizing profit.

We assist firms in the medical industry such as private practice physicians, urgent care facilities, dental offices, physical therapy clinics, case management and adult day care facilities with analysis and remediation of IT and compliance requirements.