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  Business workstation and Server SCAN

Find your weaknesses,
before the hackers do

Over 10,000 security checks
Scan your publicly and privately accessible servers, cloud systems, websites, and endpoint devices, using industry-leading scanning engines.

Intelligent results

Receive actionable results prioritised by context. Intruder interprets raw data received from an enterprise-grade scanner, so you can focus on the issues which truly matter, such as exposed databases.‍

Best Practices

Find vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations, missing patches, encryption weaknesses, and application bugs in unauthenticated areas.
Failing to scan every device and access point leaves your network and systems open to weaknesses. Gaining knowledge about possible weaknesses in your network keeps you aware. Scanning all assets within the ecosystem helps bring to light the various vulnerabilities within the infrastructure and allows formulation of a remediation plan or acceptance of risk. Additionally, create an inventory list including all devices in the network regardless of their function, and decide which targets to include in the vulnerability scanning list from your inventory.

Cylanda Network Security Assessment
Determines the security posture of your organization by combining a comprehensive analysis of your IT systems, both internal and external. Includes:
  • Internal equipment vulnerability scan to evaluate manufacturer’s vulnerabilities, maintenance history and security software effectiveness. Eg. Windows Workstations, IP cameras, printers, phones, conference room equipment, IoT devices and any other visible IP connected devices
  • Network file share permission audit for employee least privilege review
  • Audit Group Policy and applicable Local Security Policies for consistency and alignment with best practices
  • External network vulnerability scan for Internet facing devices such as firewalls, cameras and IP phones
  • Easy-to-understand report card summarizing findings
  • Printed and bound reports for management review and archival
  • Review session to interpret findings and recommend action steps for remediation
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Note: Scan is limited to single site or single site connected to remote sites via VPN, MPLS or similar solution that provides multi-site transparency. Maximum of 75 total unique devices. Domain Administrator account required to allow access for on-site Detector™ device. Data collection and forensic analysis est. 10-15 business days.

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  •  General Reports
  •  Computer: Encryptable Volumes
  •  Asset: Out of Warranty
  • Asset: Out of Warranty in 60 Days
  •  Assets: Uptime Since Last Reboot
  •  Assets: Asset to Asset Relations
  •  Assets: Asset to User Relations
  •  Disk: Servers Less than 1 GB Free
  •  Computer: Not Seen in the Last 30 Days
  •  Windows Reports
  •  Windows Updates Information
  •  Windows: Events Generated in Last 7 Days
  •  Installed Windows Updates
  •  Domain Computers and Their AD Groups
  •  Windows: Installed Network Printers
  •  Windows: USB Connected Devices
  •  Windows Automatic Update Settings
  •  Workstations Less than 5GB Free Disk Space
  •  Software Reports
  • Installed Software by Computer
  •  Windows: Installed Software by Computer
  •  Apple Mac: Installed Software by Computer
  •  Linux: Installed Software by Computer
  •  OS: Operating System Overview
  •  OS: End of Lifetime
  •  Software: Changes in the Last 7 Days
  •  Software: Unauthorized Software
  •  Hardware Reports
  •  Workstations Less than 10% Free Disk Space
  •  Servers Less than 10% Free Disk Space
  •  Device: Printer Almost Out of Toner
  •  Memory: Less than 2GB RAM
  •  Memory: Available Slots
  •  Switch: Ports
  •  VMware: Virtual Guest Machines
  •  VMware: Virtual Guest Machines
  •  Security Reports
  • New Devices Found in the Last 24 Hours
  •  New Computers Found in the Last 24 Hours
  •  Computer: Unauthorized Administrators
  •  Asset: Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T. Status not OK
  •  All Workstations without Anti-virus Software
  •  Workstation: Antivirus Disabled
  •  Workstation: Antivirus Expired
  •  All Servers without Anti-virus Software
  •  User Reports
  •  Active Directory: User has No E-mail Address
  •  Active Directory: User has No Display Name
  •  Active Directory: User has No Title Filled in
  •  Users: AD Users and Their Managers
  •  Users: AD Users and Their AD Groups
  •  Users: AD Users Created in Last 7 Days
  •  Users: AD User Attributes
  •  Last Logon Detected During Scanning