Total Security


All-inclusive products and services from certified technicians to keep your business safe.

Monitored, Fully-Managed Computer Network Defense

Total Security is all about providing you with a versatile, worry-free solution that covers all the bases of cyber security.

Routine system scans, ongoing testing and troubleshooting, and real-time resolution of any detected threats to your applications, databases, networks, or data is what we mean by Total Security. And we’ll work with you — as your cyber-security partner — to define and closely manage the settings, strategies, and compliance standards that satisfy your company’s specific security needs.

You will also have a clear, single view of security risk information within your IT environment, across all your locations and systems. Intrusion detection updates, email encryption summaries, database corruption reports, firewall performance messages, and endpoint protection details, all at your disposal to ensure your network’s inbound and outbound traffic is compliant and clean.

Serving Honolulu, Pearl City, Kapolei, Windward, and greater Oahu, Total Security helps businesses from all industries stay competitive.

Total Security includes:

  • Firewall software updates
  • Firewall hardware upgrades
  • Robust, routine risk assessments
  • Database and application scanning
  • Complete hardware and software licensing
  • Security awareness and compliance training
  • Monthly reporting of your bandwidth usage