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60% of companies that experience a data breach will go out of business within 12 months

Have you or at your company experienced any of the following?

· Suspicious or unusual emails or phone calls

· Unexpected notifications of password, account information, or money transfers from your banking institution

· Notifications from 3rd party services such as social media (eg. Facebook), shopping (eg. Amazon),  media streaming (eg. Netflix) or any other on-line accounts indicating password or account change requests

· Disappearing data such as contacts, calendar entries, email messages or files

Let us help you get back on track

Recovering from a data breach can be a long, complex process involving multiple vendors, tools and specialized skills. 

We believe the reason so many companies never recover and eventually let the cyber criminals win is that they often don’t bring in professionals to rescue and remediate the situation. They instead rely on their in-house staff or IT department to “figure it out.” As you might imagine, this just doesn’t work and is where we come in. 

Don’t lose those years of hard work spent building your business to cyber criminals.

Rescue & Remediation Service

We have a comprehensive method of narrowing down the source of a breach and taking reasonable safeguards to prevent the breach from re-occurring. Often we are able to recover lost data and depending on the circumstances, bring your company back into operation in a matter of hours.

Recover lost data

We can often recover the contacts, calendar entries, emails or files that were deleted by the criminals

Discover source of breach

A complete interview and audit of accounts helps us to help you narrow down the source of the breach and plug the leak.

Working with your vendors

We speak tech and so do your vendors. We work tirelessly with them to ensure that your accounts are secured from further compromise.


All of our work is documented for your records. We pride ourselves on over-communicating with our valued clients.


Often organizations are not protected, trained or insured adequately. We can help you close the gap so that future breaches do not reoccur.

Why not protect your business?
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"In the fast-paced world of retail management, marketing, and special events, we rely on the efficiency of our tools and networks. Cylandahelps us avoid potential pilikia.."
Manu Boyd
Cultural Director Emeritus
Royal Hawaiian Center
"We selected Cylanda to support our world-class technology platform based on four key criteria: price, accessibility, responsiveness and commitment to our mission. You can’t put a price on that."
Fred Reeder
"We found Cylanda during a time our company was going through some major transition. They keep our tech system squeaky clean."
Karen Remigio
RH Associates, Inc.
"Like many organizations, we have important goals focused on servicing and making an impact in the community. Thankfully we were able to find Cylanda.
Dr. Judith Saranchock
Executive Director
Read To Me International