What You Need to Know About NIST, SPRS & CMMC - Cylanda - The Leader In Cybersecurity Compliance and IT Infrastructure Management

Find out what compliance requirements apply to prime and subcontractors for Federal jobs

Find out how NIST 800-171 compliance has evolved and how it relates to SPRS and CMMC. If you are involved with Federal work, these compliance requirements either affect you today or will in the near future. Presentation includes a roadmap to bringing your firm to compliance and supplies some of the resources to get there.

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    Does your firm require NIST compliance, an SPRS score or CMMC certification to bid or participate in Federal contract work?

    "Security is a state of existence, not a destination."

    – Attila F. Seress

    About the Presenter:

    Attila is a local business owner and President of Cylanda, a Cybersecurity and IT infrastructure Management firm. You may have seen or heard of him from appearances on PBS, KITV4, KNOH, KHN, Think Tech or KGU talk radio. As a child of Hungarian refugees, business owner, husband and father of two, he has made it his mission to protect and rescue others from harm. His goal is to grow local jobs and help create a healthy economy that Hawaii’s next generation of workers and leaders can thrive in.