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Cylanda began with a mission to help companies like yours achieve better returns on their technology investments, and we remain dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT solutions and a slew of helpful resources — including our Instant Support service.

Instant Support

SOS provides support on demand:

  1. Click here to open InstantSupport to get your reference number.
  2. Click here to open TeamViewer so our technician can access your computer remotely.
  3. Click here to get the System Information data our technician will need.
  4. Call 808-861-9595 to speak to a live Cylanda technician.

For tools pertaining to data backup, computer security, and much more, please consult the menu on the right.

DIY Cloud Backups

Cylanda partners with Carbonite, a leading provider of totally reliable, easy-to-use cloud backup services. For computers, servers, and complete peace of mind.

Drivers Data Recovery

Cylanda partners with DriveSavers Data Recovery to offer their professional service at reduced rates. Call 800-440-1904 (discount code: 23665), or click below.

Tech Tools

See a list of technical tools commonly used by our technicians in the field, available for download to help save time and provide you with better service.