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Client Success Stories

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"Cylanda gives us the freedom to put all of our focus on providing excellent service to our customers"

At our firm, we help our clients address ALL aspects of their financial lives. To do this successfully, we spend an enormous amount of time getting to know them and gathering and reviewing relevant documents. To keep all of the information we protect secure and ensure the confidence of our clients, we depend on Cylanda and their Total Security protection services. The regular security reports we receive from Cylanda really gives us the peace of mind that our operations are protected and the freedom to put all of our focus on providing excellent service to our clients. We are grateful to Cylanda for the valuable service they provide to us and the financial management industry as a whole.

John Robinson
Financial Planning Hawaii

"Cylanda has improved our organization and can likely do the same for other Hawaii businesses."

We found Attila after working with several other IT companies who were unsuccessful in bringing our computer network into the 21st century. Since then we have enjoyed years of expedient service and our technology issues have essentially disappeared. We particularly value Attila’s insightful advice on how best to accomplish certain tasks and allocate funds for technology purchases. I would highly recommend the computer consulting and security services offered by Cylanda as they certainly have improved our organization and can likely do the same for other Hawaii businesses.

Jim Tollefson
President Emeritus
Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii

"Cylanda provides a solid cyber security and backup solution"

We found Cylanda during a time our company was going through some major transition. We were looking for an honest, patient IT professional to help us navigate our complex needs for computers, servers and phone system and to help us establish a solid data backup solution. We’re not a high tech company, but like most small business, we do depend on technology daily. We realize that a good technology set-up plays a huge role in increasing our efficiency and effectiveness with our clients. Attila and the staff at Cylanda listened to our needs and clearly explained our options, guiding us to choosing the IT system we’re now happily working with. Our backup system gives us peace of mind, something that every company should have. Although our IT system is now in place and working well, Attila continues to patiently work with us and keeps our tech system squeaky clean.

Karen Remigio
RH Associates, Inc.

"Cylanda helps us to make an impact on the community"

Like many organizations, we have important goals focused on servicing and making an impact in the community. Over the years we’ve had to adopt computers into our organizational processes and have struggled to keep up with emerging technologies that keep us relevant in this rapidly changing landscape. Thankfully we were able to find Cylanda – reliable, hard working computer techs who pick up the phone and responds to emails. Who knew such a level of customer service even existed with computer guys? They were able to help us make a smooth transition to the cloud; everything from filing the paperwork for non-profit discount pricing to training the office staff on how to use new software and even programming our iPads and phones. By using the cloud and our non-profit status, we immediately saved $288 in annual fees and $1,125 in software licensing fees alone. In addition, using the cloud for file storage and communications makes our staff incredibly more productive and we now have peace of mind knowing that our files are safe. Thank you Cylanda for helping us better utilize our existing technology resources, introduce us to new ones and become a better performing organization.

Dr. Judith Saranchock
Executive Director
Read To Me International

"Cylanda solves problems without wasting our time"

We selected Cylanda to support our world-class technology platform based on four key criteria: price, accessibility, responsiveness and commitment to our mission. Cylanda was competitive on price and we were impressed with their personal approach to meeting our needs. The service has been great. Cylanda is responsive and they solve problems without wasting our time. You can’t put a price on that.

Fred Reeder

"Cylanda helps us understand the problems and solutions"

In the fast-paced world of retail management, marketing, and special events, we rely on the efficiency of our tools and networks. Not only does Cylanda respond immediately to our calls for technical kokua, they help us understand the problems and solutions. With a better understanding of how our systems work, we’re sometimes able to troubleshoot and avoid potential pilikia.

Manu Boyd
Cultural Director Emeritus
Royal Hawaiian Center

"Keeping our equipment secure and reliable is essential for our business"

I run a small business that among other things, depends heavily on my laptop functioning every day, every time. Recently it suddenly stopped working and I was in trouble. Thankfully Cylanda was able to retrieve all of my documents and Quickbooks data from my hard drive before it was too late and transfer it to a new one. I then signed up for their ‘Basic Care’ computer monitoring service to detect any problems on my computers and protect my business from any future hardware failures. The guys at Cylanda are professional, fast and dependable. Finding such a company has high value in my book and I sincerely recommend them to any business facing IT challenges.

William Schmidtke
Dealer Store Hawaii

"Cylanda provides quality service at a fair and reasonable price"

I purchased a new laptop and was unsure of how to set it up correctly and have the files and programs transferred over from the old one. Cost and reputation was a major factor for me as I just spent a significant amount on the new computer and had a great deal of important data on the old one. Cylanda Tech Solutions provided excellent, quality service at a fair and reasonable price. The technician arrived on-time and was able to answer all of my computer questions and I really appreciated his patience. The staff at Cylanda is friendly, knowledgeable and understanding. I would highly recommend them to any company or individual who sees the need, as I have, to correctly and safely upgrade their computer systems.

Jeanette Forma
Card Services International
Hawaii Region First Data

"Cylanda comes up with solutions when things don't work as expected"

I operate a medium sized hotel right in the middle of Waikiki and rely heavily on positive customer experiences to bring in business. I had previously explored rewiring the whole building and putting cable and Internet into each unit but it was incredibly expensive. Although price was a factor when considering Cylanda, working with Attila and Ikaika was extremely valuable as they were able to come up with solutions when things didn’t work out as expected. Networking is a fickle beast and one wrong move might make the whole thing break! After the install I can confidently say that customers are much happier with in-room WiFi and can better accommodate a younger clientele, families and business travelers. Thank you Cylanda!

Jason Jong
General Manager
Hawaii Prince Hotel

"Cylanda keeps an eye on things, makes sure that we’re secure, optimized and communicates with our other technology vendors so that it stays that way"

As one of Hawaii’s oldest solar companies, we’ve gone through decades of ups and downs and over time I’ve discovered that having the right partnerships with vendors can mean the difference between life and death in business. Having Cylanda support, manage and secure the technology aspect of our business operations, the part that we have the least amount of understanding yet the most reliance upon, has been incredibly valuable. For example, Cylanda helped us pick a business telephone service that saved us over $12,600, replaced outdated equipment and software to improve employee efficiency and set up a backup solution that saves us $3,141 annually. In our business if we don’t fix or anticipate a problem before or as soon as it occurs it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. With computers, an always-connected internet and having customer data stored digitally, we’re super efficient and also very vulnerable. Cylanda keeps an eye on things, makes sure that we’re secure, optimized and communicates with our other technology vendors so that it stays that way. Left to their own devices, technology seems to break down on its own. Often our computers, servers and Internet are hard to appreciate until an outage or emergency happens. We’ve been fortunate to have Cylanda on board as they minimize the effects of such things on the business. In short, they have helped us save money, eliminate technology glitches, downtime and freed us up to focus on and grow our company. In the end, that’s all any business owner can ask for.

Gary Ralston
Hawaiian Island Solar

"Cylanda serves as a trusted adviser in every circumstance"

We’ve been with Cylanda for over 5 years now and have found them to be particularly valuable during times of change. Cylanda has kept meticulous documentation, honest communication and has served as a trusted adviser in every circumstance. As a non-profit, we seek to leverage technology to hold down expenses and maximize impact. Cylanda has guided us toward the best solutions, even if it meant using another vendor. I thank them for always being trustworthy, reliable and thorough. I recommend them to other non-profits seeking to make a difference in their community.

Glenn Tsugawa
President Emeritus
Special Education Centers of Hawaii (SECOH)

"Without the expertise of an IT firm we were sitting ducks"

Our company is not in the technology business. However we depend entirely on our computers, network and Internet to work fast and reliably every day, all day in order to get our work done. Cylanda was able to identify lingering issues with our systems and Internet access that was affecting our ability to work between 1-2 hours per week, about 80-100 hours per year. By following their recommendations we were able to see a small but noticeable increase in productivity right away. Also, we feel better now knowing that Cylanda is properly maintaining our network security, potentially saving us tens of thousands of dollars from a data breach. Before working with Cylanda we had a likable IT guy who was reasonably priced but was a one-person company. Only after we sat down and consulted with Cylanda did we discover how vulnerable we had been during that time. Without a proper backup, security software and the expertise and responsiveness of an IT firm, we were sitting ducks. Although the question of price is important, the better question to ask is, “what do you get for the money?” Knowing that our most important assets – our company and customer data is safe helped me sleep better at night. If that isn’t worth the price of quality IT service then I don’t know what is!

Roxanne Okazaki
Lifestyle Design Studio, Inc.